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I am an educator, researcher, and project manager working on social and environmental challenges in high-income and low-income countries alike. My projects over the past ten years have taken place in academic, nonprofit, and government settings.

EDUCATION is a strong component of my professional pursuits. I am comfortable working with children and adults alike. My experiences have included developing a citizen science program for a government agency in Oregon and constructing an online course on Water and Sanitation Justice for undergraduate students in California. I am comfortable conducting community outreach and planning lessons on interdisciplinary topics in academic and nonacademic settings.

RESEARCH is one of my strengths. As a graduate student with degrees in both sociology and water resources policy and management, my work focused on how the most marginalized community members were impacted by social and environmental inequities. One past project evaluated gender, water, and sanitation in India, and another compared water and sanitation access in the United States and France. I am competent in managing mixed-method research projects, handling field interviews, and analyzing data. My writing has been published in a variety of outlets. See some of it here.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT is a core part of many of my positions. I have organized various projects including engaging volunteers for watershed restoration in Washington and modifying a communications strategy for a renewable energy technical program in Oregon. I am also a founding board member for Public Hygiene Lets Us Stay Human working on urban toilet design and emergency sanitation in North America. I am adept at identifying project goals, outlining timelines, managing budgets, and evaluating projects after completion. See some of my projects here.