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I am a project manager, researcher, and educator interested in the environment – water and sanitation – in high-income and low-income countries alike.

Photo Courtesy: Dan Eivins. Columbia River.

I am a doctoral student in sociology at University of California – Santa Cruz. My current research evaluates social equity and environmental sustainability around urban water and sanitation systems with a specific interest in transnational comparisons. In my free time, I am a founding board member for Public Hygiene Lets Us Stay Human working on urban toilet design and emergency/ecological sanitation in North America. I finished a Master of Science degree at Oregon State University with a focus on Water Resources Policy and Management with research on empowerment and gender equality in water and sanitation.

I grew up in East Tennessee in the United States where my passion for watershed studies was born. My experiences with governmental and non-governmental organizations are diverse: environmental education in Tennessee; sustainable agriculture and forest restoration in Central America; water-right permits in Washington; citizen-science and groundwater in Oregon; gender, water, and sanitation in India; and urban sociology, water, and sustainable development in France.