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I am a educator, researcher, and collaborator interested in the intersection between people and the environment (i.e. water and sanitation) on multiple scales in high-income and low-income countries alike.

My current research as a doctoral student in sociology at University of California-Santa Cruz is focused on understanding how the most marginalized community members (e.g. those living in housing precarity, those without homes, immigrants, migrants, refugees) in high-income urban areas are impacted by water and sanitation infrastructure social and environmental inequities. I also work as a teaching assistant for an online Water and Sanitation Justice course there that I helped developed with a team of interdisciplinary scholars. In my free time, I am a board member for Public Hygiene Lets Us Stay Human working on urban toilet design and emergency sanitation in North America. I finished a Master of Arts degree in sociology at University of California-Santa Cruz and a Master of Science degree at Oregon State University with a focus on Water Resources Policy and Management with research on empowerment and gender equality in water and sanitation. I currently live in Central France with my partner and child.

My background strongly influenced my current trajectory. I grew up in a blended family with six children in Tennessee in the United States. I held a variety of jobs to finance my own way through college, and am the only child in my family to obtain a university degree. This has always driven me to help others realize that they can also achieve their dreams. When I was twenty-one, I was found an environmental education teaching position in Tennessee. It helped me realize my calling to work on environmental issues through education. Since then my experiences with governmental and non-governmental organizations have been diverse: sustainable agriculture and forest restoration in Central America; water-right permits in Washington; citizen-science and groundwater in Oregon; gender, water, and sanitation in India; and water and sanitation access for marginalized communities in France.

— All of my current research is dedicated to a family member who has been chronically homeless for many years and all people who have been impacted by homelessness around the world. —